Anonymous asked:

Can you explain the reasoning behind your tattoo? What's it of?

my tattoo is a drawing by my friend alyse of an outline of a howling wolf with a moon behind it.

The reasoning varies between a few different ideas….however the main reason deals with self confidence/image. In a symbolic sense, the wolf is confident, strong, intelligent, free, compassionate, and beautiful. The wolf is my “spirit” animal, meaning that I ultimately wish to have the same characteristics as listed before. I not only want others to see me in that way, but I also yearn to one day see myself in the manner as well. Also symbolically speaking, when a wolf is howling at the moon he is awakening the insight and intuition to “locate the path of ones desires”.

I have always loved wolves and thought of them to be my favorite animal, and in animology, which ever animal is your favorite….you subconsciously tend to want to posses that animals symbolic characteristics. This was explained to me by my spanish teacher in my junior year of high school and I ended up doing a lot of research and basically knew I wanted this tattooed.